Portable Appliance Testing

Health and safety regulations require that electrical appliances are safe and maintained regularly to prevent harm to employees and the public. According to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), 25% of all reported electrical accidents involve portable appliances which is why Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is such an important aspect of every Health & Safety policy for businesses/Landlords.

Portable Appliance Testing relates to any appliance which is portable and/or fitted with a plug and is inserted into a socket.  Under the Health & Safety at Work Act (1974), where appliances are used by employees or the public or are hired, supplied, serviced or repaired, they must be tested to ensure that they are safe for use. This also covers the appliances used by any remote or home workers that you employ as well as agency workers and subcontractors.

At Elmecom, we carry out full, reliable PAT testing on all types of electrical equipment, helping you to take every step possible to keep your staff safe.

We also provide advice and support for what steps to take should any issues arise.

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