Life Less Ordinary Group

Life Less Ordinary is a progressive property development company which has been stamping its presence in the market for over 7 years. It is a U.K. based, privately owned firm which has created a diverse range of desirable housing in and around London.

Uniball Mitsubishi Pencils Ltd

Mitsubishi Pencil Company distributes products in over 100 countries through subsidiaries, such as Mitsubishi Pencil Company UK.

Smiths Medical International Ltd

Smiths Medical is a leading global provider of medical devices for the hospital, emergency, home and specialist environments.


Optivo is one of the largest housing providers in the UK with over 44,000 affordable homes in London, the south east and the midlands.

Champneys Spa Resorts

Champneys spa resorts offer a little piece of luxury and relaxation across the UK.

Harlington Lower School and Sundon Lower School

Harlington and Sundon Lower Schools are village schools which have recently received grants from their academies and used the money to install additional classrooms.

Apex Hotels

Apex Hotels Ltd is an operator of contemporary, 3-4 star hotels situated in London, Bath, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee.

Wardown Park Museum

Wardown Park Museum, formerly the Luton Museum & Art Gallery in Luton, is housed in a large Victorian mansion in Wardown Park on the outskirts of Luton Town Centre.

Luton Borough Council & BTS

BTS support Luton Borough Council as a housing provider in the community. They are responsible for new builds as well as maintenance, repair and refurbishment of properties.